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  • Verify that the DNS TTL of the site ATG is replacing is < 5 min, at least at launch
  • Ensure that a strategy is in place to handle DDoS attacks. An edge-based defense (like Akamai's Web Application Firewall - WAF) is the preferred approach
  • Be sure that throttling (end-user traffic) can technically be performed and has been tested in a non-production environment. Also make sure that the approvals process and criteria for throttling is well known by all personnel ahead of time. Take a look at Akamai's Shopper Prioritization Application (SPA)
  • Be sure that if there is a firewall between the database and the application servers, and if the database is inspecting SQL*NET traffic, that the firewall can keep up with it. During periods of heavy site traffic, the firewall CPU can be maxed out due to all of the SQL*NET traffic it has to inspect
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