Bamboo will be offline for a scheduled 1 hour maintenance window starting at 1600UTC on Saturday 24-February-2018. All Bamboo builds will be paused during the upgrade window, and will be resumed when maintenance is complete.

Other applications including SRSD, Jira, Confluence and HipChat will not be affected by this maintenance.

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  • Verify that the DNS TTL of the site ATG is replacing is < 5 min, at least at launch
  • Ensure that a strategy is in place to handle DDoS attacks. An edge-based defense (like Akamai's Web Application Firewall - WAF) is the preferred approach
  • Be sure that throttling (end-user traffic) can technically be performed and has been tested in a non-production environment. Also make sure that the approvals process and criteria for throttling is well known by all personnel ahead of time. Take a look at Akamai's Shopper Prioritization Application (SPA)
  • Be sure that if there is a firewall between the database and the application servers, and if the database is inspecting SQL*NET traffic, that the firewall can keep up with it. During periods of heavy site traffic, the firewall CPU can be maxed out due to all of the SQL*NET traffic it has to inspect
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