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  • Testing (as of 2015) has shown that 1 JVM per 1 VM is optimal, with 5 physical cores devoted to the VM. Heap size should be 12 GB, with the parallel garbage collector used for new and tenured spaces
  • Be sure to run the Exalogic Health Check Utility (download here)
  • Make sure to use SDP for cluster replication per product documentation
  • Enable Linux HugePages per product documentation
  • Default number of hugepages as of Exalogic 2.0 is 10000 and pagesize is 2mb (max for this Intel chip), for a total of 20GB reserved for large page use. This may not be enough for the JVM's (for instance, 8JVM's using 8g heap with LargePagesForHeap would need at least 32GB of hugepages). Increase the number of hugepages using sysctl to a large enough number to fit the heaps, but not too large that it starves the compute node of non-large page space needed for everything else (for instance, native process space outside of java heap used by JVM/WLS would also go to the regular pages). 40gb per compute node should be a good starting point
  • Make sure to apply the latest PSU as the baseline. Then upgrade everything (WebLogic, JRockit, EECS, etc) as permitted by ATG's supported environments matrix
  • Make sure that NFS attribute caching is enabled (is enabled by default, unless explicitly disabled in mount options)
  • Make sure "Enable Exalogic Optimizations" is turned on all WLS instances, even if no SDP will be used.
  • Ensure that GridLink data sources are used
  • If Exadata is used, ensure that SDP is set up between Exalogic and Exadata per product documentation
  • Ensure that Exalogic's WebLogic-related enhancements are enabled per product documentation
  • If you see the error "Error: Can't find search engine binaries. Unknown OS-ARCHITECTURE Linux-x86_64", pass -Dos.arch=amd64 to and rename x86-linux32 to x86-linux64
  • Be sure that the ZFS projects have high enough disk quotas. The project where logs are written to should have > 1tb of space
  • Run through the latest list of known issues
  • Be sure to disable NFS 4 delegation (uncheck the "Enable NFS4 Delegation" checkbox in ZFS SA admin)
  • If you have actimeo set, remove it. We found huge performance degradation of the application when that was set
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